Our Fashion Philosophy



"fashion for the way we live today."

that’s how amy boone, the owner, describes her approach to selecting the apparel and fashion accessories found at dragonfly. 

"our customers have busy lives, so they look for clothing that fits their lifestyle—at work, as a mother, and as an active person in their community. they want to express their individual creativity and personality.

"at the same time, they look for pieces that are versatile and have good value. we avoid trendy items that will be dated in one season."

our labels include mod-o-doc, nusantara, feather, wilt, good hyouman, groceries, and others that are not found in large chain stores.



We offer a wide range of distinctive jewelry to compliment our apparel. we feature designs by local artists, that are sure to become collector’s items. 


Home and Accessories

our home furnishings and accessories are discovered all over...at flea markets...from personal sources who travel to asia, morocco, and around the world. just as a special piece of jewelry can complete a fashion look, we believe that unique decorative accessory can be he finishing touch to your home. we want our customers to explore, chat and enjoy being here.